Vegetable Noodle Wok

Today I had a fun encounter with creativity. I truly delight in creating new things, and today that thing was vegan colorful taste-heaven. Here I have a picture of todays actually random dinner, a mix-match of all the things I had at home. Enjoy! Recipe: Start with making a spicy sauce as the base. Tamari soy sauce, finely diced fresh ginger, green chili curry paste, … Fortsätt läsa Vegetable Noodle Wok

Thoughts on finding a teacher / guidance

  Trust yourself. No one knows better than you. You have the infinite power within you. You are and will always be wonderful. Smart. Amazing. Don’t ever let anyone take that away from you.   You can’t explain why you know certain things. You just do.   You don’t ever have to explain – why – you trust your intuition.   And if someone seeks … Fortsätt läsa Thoughts on finding a teacher / guidance